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About our Coffee

Buy Coffee with Artistry

Enjoy coffee straight from the roasted beans: and ethically sourced too!

Roasted Coffee Beans

Artistry's coffee is selected by Redemption Roasters ensuring ethical sourcing from coffee growing regions.

Redemption Roasters are speciality coffee roasters with a difference.

The are based in Aylesbury Young Offenders Institute with a mission to help reduce reoffending rates by skilling up the young people. By providing marketable specialist skills in roasting and competition class barista skills the trainees can leave the institute with prospects. There is a Redemption cafe within the prison where the trainees learn their skills. The roastery is expertly overseen by a Head Roaster and an Assistant Roaster who will also train offenders gradually increasing their involvement in the process as they prove their skills. Redemption also help to find work for their 'graduates'. In addition to the substantial costs of running the training facility and programme and associated follow-through, Redemption Roasters pay fees to Aylesbury Prison to cover hosting the roastery and payments to the prisoners, though the rates of payment to the offenders are not controlled by Redemption.

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Raising the bar - for everyone

All of Artistry's Coffees have an ethical sourcing ethos associated with them.

The coffees tend to be sourced from smaller farmers and not large operations with a more direct benefit to the coffee growers - see individual coffees for some more details. Redemption have a direct knowledge of all the farms that their coffee beans are sourced from and confirm that the highest ethical principles are adhered to.

The additional unique projects that Redemption Roasters are involved in helps young offenders at Aylesbury Prison and takes social responsibility to another level - so the coffee you buy has an additional aim of reducing the level of reoffending - providing genuine skills and introduction to employment opportunities on release.

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