Carranza Carrasco Peru :: Ethical Coffee Beans

With taste notes of peach, champagne, and juicy citrus the Carranza Carrasco coffee sounds quite different.

Grown at 1800m in the Santo Tomas area of Cutervo, Peru the small farm is in an isolated area but has a situation on a parcel of land that has ideal conditions.

Following processing the coffee is dried on tarpaulin laid out on patios.

Redemption Roasters are based in Aylesbury Young Offenders Prison with a mission to help reduce re-offending rates by skilling up the young people to help them find jobs and reintegrate into society. Small batches of beans are expertly roasted led by a Head Roaster and Assistant Roaster who train the young people in professional roasting skills and competition-level barista skills. So not only is the coffee ethically sourced but the roasting process is socially responsible too.

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