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About Us

Artistry Coffee is the trading name for a small family business. Our passion for coffee has been brewing over the last few years!

We began as complete novices not raising our sights far beyond an instant coffee.
We would certainly not claim to be world-experts, but a couple who have enjoyed learning the art of Hand-Brewed coffee and want to share that.
Artistry Coffee features a number of personal favourites alongside some other specially chosen coffee equipment that you might like, if you too want to take a journey of discovery into Hand-Brewed coffee.
We try not to use lingo that no one understands but its amazing how quickly you pick up hints and tips along the way.

Please wander through the online shop and hopefully you will find the perfect items to get you started or move your coffee journey onwards. We'd like people to enjoy coffee from the beginning of the whole process so we have included various grinders, filters and different types of equipment.
Most of the equipment just needs a hot water source so can even be used when camping or at the office - and not creating extra strain on the environment.

The grinders and milk frothers are all hand-operated and we think we have chosen equipment that is not only easy and fun to use but that also produces excellent coffee.

We have recently moved to Aylesbury and now source most of our coffee from Redemption Roasters who have a passion for their beans, also for the welfare of growers, and run a project which takes social responsibility through the roasting process too.

Find out more here where we talk a little bout the beans and Redemption Roasters.

We've selected just a handful of their coffees to go with the devices and these will be changing over time so keep looking back at the website to see what else has been added - and enjoy trying different blends and sources as we go.

As part of our move to Aylesbury, in autumn 2018 we did open a small shop in Duck Farm Court, Aylesbury (near to the station and Morrisons). However we since closed the location (May 2020 - the time of the pandemic) and are working from home again - which is how we initially set up the business in any case.

Artistry Coffee is run to a Christian ethos: sometimes you may notice this - it's part of who and what we are.

So browse away - search for the perfect gift - or treat yourself!

Begin your Hand Brewed Coffee journey right here - and Craft Delicious Coffee at Home with Artistry!

We will benefit from your feedback, so if you have ideas of what you'd like to see, let us know and we'll see if we can feed it into our own creative processes.

Stay in Touch!

Find and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, and revisit the website to find out all the latest.

Or contact us directly:
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address of Artistry Hub Limited.

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