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Cool Down with Coffee !

There's more ways to enjoy coffee than hot!
Coffee has so many different characteristics, it's great to experiment with cold coffee especially in the summer and get a different kind of refreshment from coffee coolers.
Artistry Coffee has a great range of hand-brew coffee equipment and some of it is ideal for summer use with cold brew, or other cooling coffee ideas.
Our product pages will give you a guide to which ones can be used for making cold-brew, ice-drip, pour-over-ice coffee making and more.
This page also gives an overview of your cooler options this summer. See below....

Ice Drip & Cold Brew Coffee Making from Artistry Coffee

Coffee is not only for drinking hot: discover Cold Brew Coffee, Ice-Drip Coffee and Pour-Over-Ice Coffee.
A selection of products with suggestions of how you can use them for different types of coffee making.

Cool down this summer with cold brew coffee and more...

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Afogato made with AeroPress coffee maker

The Afogato

The AreoPress is a versatile coffee maker and good for all espresso based drinks:
So it's the perfect device to use to craft an Afogato by pouring an espresso style shot of coffee which you can simply pour ontop of a scoop of vanilla icecream.
It's a delicious combination of flavours - a simple desert, or a mid-afternoon treat when the heat of the day is a bit too much. Simply make an espresso shot with the AeroPress and then pour this bit by bit ontop and around the vanilla ice-cream.

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Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot

Cold Brew Coffee Making

Cold Brew coffee making brings out different characteristics from the coffee, but it isn't a quick drink , you have to plan ahead!
You can use a Clever Dripper for this method, or the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot. Place about 50g of ground coffee into the device and add 500 to 600ml of cold water ontop. Let it steep and soak overninght - in the fridge and in the morning you have a cold brew concentrate which you can dilute to your preference and enjoy through the day.
You'll notice a cleaner crisper taste and different characteristics emanating from your coffee.

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The Drip-In Server for making PourOverIce Coffee

Pour-Over-Ice Coffee

You'll need a vessel which you can pout some ice in beneath a filter coffee maker. The Hario Drip-in Server is ideal for this - or the Hario Range Server beneath any of the V60 pour-over coffee makers. You could use the Chemex too.
For each cup of coffee you're making put 125g of ice cubes in the lower vessel then make pour-over coffee as normal with 15g of coffee grounds - except use half the hot water (so 125ml of hot water). Make the pour-over more slowly than normal to ensure you are giving the coffee grounds time to impart their flavour. The strong hot coffee then pours over the ice cube below, which dilutes the coffee to normal strength and cools it.
This produces a more bitter coffee taste than cold brew.

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AeroPress and V60 combine to create the Ice-Drip Kit

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Refreshing Iced Latte

Iced Latte

Place some ice cubes into a long glass. Add chilled milk about half-way up, then use the AeroPress to make a single or double shot of espresso style coffee - either directly into the mug, or separately then pour it in. Delicious, refreshing, perfect for summer!

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Cool it with Coffee Ice Cubes

Coffee Ice Cubes

A really simple idea this: If you have some spare coffee from when you've made a cafetiere full, or when you've made for a number of people. Let the coffee cool, then pour into your freezer ice tray and freeze the spare coffee - you don't waste anything and you can use it in your cold brew, your iced-lattes, or in any ways you invent yourself: perhaps with ice cream or iced water.

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Latte Shaker for cold foam coffee

Cold Frothed Milk on top of coffee

The Hario Latte Shaker is great for making cold frothed milk - you can normally then choose to warm it in a microwave to add to your coffee, or leave it cold and add to your coffee. This produces a layer of cold milk foam on top of your coffee which can cool your coffee as you drink through it, and can be a bit like drinking coffee through ice-cream. Try it and see what you think.

Electrical and Coffee Pod Supplies

Electric Coffee Making Equipment and Coffee Pods too....

Buy Coffee with Artistry

The selection of blends available from Artistry Coffee.

Artistry Coffee Kits

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Craft Delicious COLD Coffee at Home!

Discovering Cold Brew coffee is great fun. there's lots of ways of experimenting to get a brew that suits you perfectly.

Whilst it takes time with some of the cold brew coffee methods, there are also quick ways to get refreshing cold coffee. Try the pour-over ice method which substitutes ice in the coffee server for half the hot water you would normally use on a pour-over coffee.

This means that making coffee with hot water onto the coffee grounds in a pour-over filter coffee maker (such as the Hario V60, Chemex or Koziol) can still deliver a cold beverage as it pours onto ice which melts and cools your brew.

Or you can plan ahead with an overnight method to allow the cold water to slowly steep the coffee in and extract some of the cleaner more sublte flavours.
Take a look at The Coolers range of devices which are each able to be used for some of the methods above, and let us help you Craft Delicious COLD Coffee at Home !

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