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Christmas Star Lights

Cost: Upto £ 20.00

prices below subject to an additional P&P cost of £ 2.49

Pre-Ground Coffee - 250g from: £ 7.15 - see more.

Pre-Ground Coffee from 7.15

Speciality Coffee Beans- 250g from: £ 7.15
discounts for multi-buy.

Coffee Beans from 7.15

£ 6.75 - Get Started!
see more.

A V60 to Get You Started

Coasting! : £ 6.90
see more.

Coffee, Tea, Milk, Sugar Coasters

Mugs : from £ 6.95
see more.

Gold Star Mug

Coffee Serving Trays:
from £ 7.0 :: see more.

Coffee Serving Trays

Shop Now: £ 15.25 - Shake!
see more.

Shake the Milk for frothy coffee

ecoffee Take Away Dripper: £ 18.65 - see more.

The ecoffee Take Away Dripper Kit

Barista Milkmaker Kit:
£ 19.50 :: see more.

The_Barista_Milkmaker Kit

Unplugged! : £ 19.95 :: see more.

The Unplugged Coffee Maker
Colourful Ecofriendly Bamboo Fibre TakeAway Cups

explore the range - from £7.50 per cup

PearlKnittingCo: soft cosy hats, scarves, and more

PearlKnittingCo Etsy

Ideal for Presents.

Etsy shop - view online now

Christmas Star Lights

Cost: Between £ 20.00 and £ 30.00

prices below subject to an additional P&P cost of £ 2.49

Shop Now: £ 24.95
see more.

Filter coffee maker & server.

Accurate Pour: £ 24.85
see more.

Pouring Kettle for accuracy

The Coffee Vault £ 24.95
see more.

Friis Coffee Vault : coffee storage cannister

The AeroPress £ 27.25
see more.

AeroPress Espresso Maker

£ 20 to £ 27.5-
Ceramic V60s :: see more.

Ceramic V60s

Hario Craft Coffee Maker:
£ 27.75 :: see more.

Hario Craft Coffee Maker Kit

Bialetti Multi Colour Espresso Mug Stack :: £ 28.45

Bialetti Multi Colour Espresso Mug Stack
Christmas Star Lights

Cost: Between £ 30.00 and £ 50.00

prices below subject to an additional P&P cost of £ 2.49

Plunge! : £ 32.5
see more.

Neo Coffee Plunger 800ml

Big Plunge! : £ 36.5
see more.

Neo Coffee Plunger 1l

Coffee Gift Kit: £ 39.2
see more.

The Coffee Gift Kit

Coffee Grinders from £ 39.95 :: see more.

Hario Smart G Coffee Grinder

Coffee Pour Over Starter Kit:
£ 42.95 :: see more.

The_Coffee_Pour_Over_Starter Kit

Shop Now: £ 45
see more.

Stylish Accurate Pouring Kettle

Coffee Pour Over Server Kit:
£ 49.50 :: see more.

The_Coffee_Pour_Over_Server Kit
Christmas Star Lights

Cost: Between £ 50.00 and £ 70.00

prices below subject to an additional P&P cost of £ 2.49

The Chemex: £ 51.50
see more.

The Chemex

AeroPress Supercharge Kit: £ 53.95 :: see more.

The_AeroPress_Supercharge Kit

Studio Stove Top: £ 59.95 :: see more.

The Studio Stove Top Espresso Maker

Asobu Insulated Coldbrew Coffee Brewer :: £ 59.95

Asobu Insulated Coldbrew Coffee Brewer

Asobu Insulated PourOver Coffee Maker :: £ 62.5 :: see more.

Asobu Insulated PourOver Coffee Maker
Artistry Coffee Kits
Christmas Star Lights

Cost: Over £ 70.00

prices below subject to an additional P&P cost of £ 2.49

Coffee New Yorker Kit: £ 86.95 :: see more.

The_Coffee_New_Yorker Kit

Coffee Pour Over Expert Kit :: £ 89.50 :: see more.

The_Coffee_Pour_Over_Expert Kit

Elegant! : £ 90
see more.

Elegant Arm Stand

The Fellow Duo Steeper: £ 117.75 :: see more.

The unique Duo Coffee Steeper

Hario Retro Roaster:
£ 348.00 :: see more.

The Hario Retro Hand Coffee Roaster

Shop Now for Coffee Kits from £ 18.65 to £ 295.00. Brilliant Gifts!

coffee gift packs
Advent is a time of preparation for Christmas


We love Advent and all that it represents - in terms of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.
It's a great time to anticipate and prepare for Christmas, perhaps count up through the days with an Advent Calendar or Advent Candle.
We hope you have a good time in anticipation of Christmas, and that you're also able to reflect too on the season.

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Craft Delicious Coffee at Home!

There are some great presents ideas inspired by coffee and coffee making.

As well as being an enjoyable drink, the process of making coffee can be more enjoyable too.

From learning to grind coffee beans, to taking time over pouring your own coffee, or using the AeroPress coffee-maker to quickly make an awesome coffee for breakfast - there's a whole lot to enjoy.

Artistry Coffee has selected a number of products to enable you to enjoy more about making and serving coffee.
Select from gift ideas on this page, take a look at the whole range in our online store - or look at our how-to guides and videos to find out more about how we can help you to craft delicious coffee at home.

Coffee Beans
How To
Hand-Craft Espresso
How to
Pour-Over Filter
How to
Grind Your Own Coffee
How to
Hand-Craft Cappuccino
Full range of
coffee gift packs

Buy a coffee kit for yourself or as a brilliant present.

Cups & Mugs

Buy attractive and imaginative mugs and cups.

Craft Delicious Coffee at Home !