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ecoffee cups : reusable takeaway cups

Help stop 100 billion single use cups ending up in landfill every year

We love the ecoffee cups - as a lovely product in their own right, with patterns and designs enabling you to express your individuality as you drink your daily coffee.

They're also durable, light, sturdy and simple - and well sized for a good cup of coffee (or other drink of choice).

More than that though - they're a product that helps the enironment as they tackle an issue that needs to be tackled.

With most takeaway coffee cups actually being unable to be routinely recycled and instead ending up in landfill, having a reusable takaway cup that you refill at your coffee shop is a beneift to the environment. To reward the use of takeaway cups many coffee shops will now offer a discount in store or a donation to charity.

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Some of the range of ecoffee cups

The range of ecoffee cup designs has been growing. We first stocked them in summer 2015 and have since expanded the range we stock to ensure that there's ecoffee cups for everyone!

Whether you're into a fairly plain design with accented colour, or love fantastic patterns and vivid colours there are plenty to look through and choose from.

The range of plain designs includes white colour cup with a choice of coloured silicone cup holder and lid - e.g. blue, red, black, maroon etc. There are also some full colour ones where the mug and the silicone parts are all orange, green, purple, black, brown etc.

Patterns come in a variety of fun designs - ranging from regular repeating patterns to more elaborate feature paterns. And there is now a limited edition set of William Morris designs adorning some of the ecoffee cup range.

Some of the range of ecoffee cups

Despite most people believing that single use takeaway cups are recyclable, a standard takeaway coffee cup from most coffee shops is most likely to end up causing waste problems with anually around 100 billion cups estimated as finishing up in landfill sites.

Ecoffee cups are made from bamboo fibre - one of the most sustainable resources as it's naturally fast growing. It's also naturally sterile and a great material for making cups from, being also light, durable and organic.

There's also no plasticy or metally aftertaste, and it's much lighter than ceramic - so not such a bind to carry around once you're drunk the coffee!

So take a look over the range, and express your individuality with the design you prefer - and think about what friends and family may like too.

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