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How To Guides: The AeroPress Coffee Maker

Video Guides for How to use the AeroPress
Espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte :: Start with AeroPress

Great tasting coffee hand-crafted with the AeroPress

The AeroPress is a straightforward device and so effective it makes you wonder why it's taken so long to find such a great way to make coffee.

How to use Aeropress

-Simply place a disc shaped filter into the plastic mesh cap and fix the cap in place on the hexagonal end of the AeroPress.

How to use Aeropress

-Place it above a coffee mug - using the funnel supplied if the mug has a narrow diameter (always use a mug strong enough to withstand the pressure of a downward push in stage 5)

How to use Aeropress

-Add the coffee - ground to a fine espresso grind. Each shot of espresso requires 7-8 grams of ground coffee (this usually equates to one small scoop - the large scoop provided with the device is good for 2 shots)
See our How-to-Grind-Coffee Guide for step by step details.

How to use Aeropress

-Fill this tube with hot water upto the level of the number of shots you are making
(sub 90 degrees seems to be the advised temperature, call it 30 seconds or so after after the water boiled).

-Take around 10seconds to mix the coffee and water with the AeroPress paddle.

How to use Aeropress

-Insert the plastic tube with the rubber seal and gradually press down on the AeroPress and mug, ensuring everything is stable. This should take around 20 seconds until all the water and air is pressed through the device.

How to use Aeropress

-There you have a great tasting espresso. Combine with water to make an Americano, or your choice of milk to make Cappuccino, Latte or your particular favourite for coffee.

-The tube has essentially cleaned itself with the rubber seal pushing through - all you need to do now is remove the cap, pop out the coffee puck, and rinse the seal.

-Now you're ready to go again.

This guide does not replace manufacturers instructions - please make sure you familiarise yourself with the manufacturers instructions before using.

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