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Grind the beans to get the freshest coffee

Grinding coffee beans as you're about to make a cup is the best way to get the freshest coffee, and releases a great coffee aroma.

How to use Coffee Grinders 1

-Ensure the grinder is clean with no remnants of previous beans -
(purist tip.... one way to do this is to grind 3 or 4 beans of the new blend and discard).

-Check the grind setting is right for the coffee making method you're about to use - from course ground for cafetiere coffee to very finely ground for espresso.
(Changes require removing a holding lock, twisting the central shaft one way for courser and the other for finer, then replacing the holding lock)

How to use Coffee Grinders 2

-Measure beans for the amount of coffee you wish to make, and pour into the top chamber of the grinder.
(Approx 15g per double shot espresso, or 15g per 250ml water for filter or cafetieres, but can vary to personal taste - weigh specifically or approximate from what the normal serving of your coffee scoop is).

How to use Coffee Grinders 3

-Place the lid on and revolve the lever to grind the coffee - consistent twists will help prevent too much variation in the grind (avoiding shattering the beans).

How to use Coffee Grinders 4

-Open the grinder chamber, and check your result - proceeding with your anticipation of coffee now with the benefit of the aroma of freshly ground coffee.

How to use Coffee Grinders 5

-Take your measuring scoop and portion out the right amount of coffee grains - or for greater precision use scales to weigh out a serving.

How to use Coffee Grinders 6

-Go ahead and make your coffee - you can review how well the grind worked and make notes for adjusting the grind next time if you need.

This guide does not replace manufacturers instructions - please make sure you familiarise yourself with the manufacturers instructions before using.

a grinder
and beans.

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