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Great tasting cappuccino hand-crafted with the AeroPress Espresso Maker
and the Classic Milk Frother

A Cappuccino, latte, flat white or similar milky coffee needs an Espresso as a starting point, then a portion of frothed heated milk is required to deliver the result you want.

The guide below uses an AeroPress Espresso Maker and a Classic Milk Frother to hand-craft an amazing cappuccino at home really easily.

How to make Cappuccino coffee 1

-Start by making an espresso with the AeroPress. See our How-to-AeroPress Guide for step by step details.
This is a really simple and fun way to get a great tasting espresso base for your cappuccino (or latte, or flat white, or whatever you prefer).

How to make Cappuccino coffee 2

-You need to have a mug big enough for a cappuccino of course - so check the capacity before you add the frothed milk - or you'll end up with a Cortato or Machiato rather than your Cappuccino (basically smaller proportions of milk & foam)

How to make Cappuccino coffee 3

-Use a milk frother device to create the foamed milk. This guide uses the Classic Milk Frother, but the Latte Shaker is an alternative also available here at

-Having heated a small amount of milk in the microwave, you can place the frothing mechanism into the glass chamber.

-Take a few seconds to pump the plunger until the milk doubles in size turning into milk foam.

How to make Cappuccino coffee 4

-Then: pour out the milk and foam onto the espresso you made with the AeroPress moments ago.

How to make Cappuccino coffee 5

-Experiment with how to best pour out the foam - even try out a bit of artistic expression.

How to make Cappuccino coffee 6

-When you're done, sit down and enjoy your fantastically foamed cappuccino!
Vary the proportions and pouring of the milk to deliver flat white, latte, machiato, cortato etc
See proportions of all sorts of different coffee drinks on the guide on our Thoughts@ArtistryCoffee page.

This guide does not replace manufacturers instructions - please make sure you familiarise yourself with the manufacturers instructions before using.

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