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the minipresso GR espresso coffee maker

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for good quality espresso shots wherever you go

The minipresso is a compact espresso maker which is fully portable to enable you to make top quality espresso shots wherever you go.

The neat device has multiple parts to enable finely ground coffee to be placed in one end, hot water in the other end and a pump mechanism in the middle to bring the 2 elements together for a top quality espresso shot.

It will only handle a single espresso shot at a time, but is so simple to use, that if a double or tripple shot is what you need, it won't take long to repeat the process and deliver what you want.

the compact minipresso GR the compact minipresso GR elements

The minipresso GR is compatible for ground coffee, which needs to be very finely ground to ensure correct extraction for the espresso method. It's easy to use and easy to clean. So whether you're looking for great coffee at home, at work or when your out and about or on an adventure or expedition this minipresso device will be a great companion.
The compactness of the minipresso means it's easy to pick up and take with you. We have a compact Tiamo flask that could be an ideal team member too for your coffee making on the go.

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minipresso GR minipresso GR

We've used the minipresso GR and are impressed with the quality of espresso that it is able to produce wherever you are.

The minipresso is only a few inches in length but comes with a small water tank, a main body including the piston mechanism, a filter basket to place your finely ground coffee in, an outlet head with spout, and espresso cup.

There's also a measuring scoop to help with the filling of the filter basket as it snugly fits together.

You simply scoop fine ground coffee with the scoop provided and transfer it to the filter basket, place this on top of the main body, screw the outlet head on top of this, add boiling water to the water tank, and carefully screw the main body tightly onto the water tank.

Check, then invert the minipresso and unlock the piston. Start pumping above the cup and keep pumping till all the water has been pumped throug the coffee to deliver you a good quality espresso with crema!

minipresso GR minipresso GR

This guide does not replace manufacturers instructions which should be read carefully.

For very best results use recently roasted coffee beans, filtered water, grind the beans immediately before use.

The minipresso has a built-in tamping effect, and coffee should not be tamped separately.

Cleaning is straight forward, cleaning the key areas (see manufacturer's guide) under running water, and or using the minipresso without coffee for a water-only cycle. The minipresso should not be placed in a dishwasher.

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