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AeroPress vs Pour-Over Coffee Making

Most coffees that you are served in a coffee shop are likely to be espresso based drinks.
If you're wanting to make lates, cappuccinos, americanos, espressos, and so on you will need to be able to make espresso as the starting point.
The AeroPress device will be a great device to have to recreate your coffee shop experience at home.

If you are interested in exploring more subltle flavours then the pour-over filter method may be what's best for you.
The coffee is not created through such an intense process or fine grind, which affects the taste. The pour-over process is more gradual in transferring flavour.
If you are not such a fan of stronger coffee, then the pour-over filter method may be for you!

Hand Made Espresso Devices

The amazing AeroPress for espresso based drinks.

Pour Over Filter Devices

Try the more sublte flavour of pour-over filter coffee.

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