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There’s some lovely products to help you craft delicious coffee at home. We’ve recently widened our range of hand grinders so you can have fresh ground coffee for each cup you make. Starting with beans is always a really good idea as you’ll have fresher coffee.

There are some really precision items, compact, and some in more traditional style. Take a look at the range.

The Hario Coffee Mill Dome is a really stylish classic grinder, the Skerton a well proven roadworthy design, the Hario Mini Slim PRO is an enhanced update on an old friend, the Smart G a compact and clever new design, and the Hario Prism one of the neatest hand grinders we’ve seen.

All are adjustable – so whether you’re after a fine espresso grind or a coarse grind for cafetiere and anything in between you can experiment with a grinders settings till you get things just as you need.

Check out the full range of hand grinders we have and set yourself off on a journey to fresher coffee…!!

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