Another couple of new coffees are in:

Originating Countries for current Artistry Coffee Beans

We have 2 new coffees just in, as well as some new roasts of coffees that we have stocked for a while.

The new Blanca Rosa Melgar is another Honduran coffee again contributing 50p from each bag to the Honduran Relief Fund – helping the areas hit by storms Eta and Iota in November 2020. The taste notes of these beans are for cherry liqueur, pomegrante and cacao – so something a little different perhaps! The coffee is sourced from a 6 hectare farm at 1250 meters in the mountainous Celaque area to the west of the country. Named after the farm owner, this coffee is farmed organically as Blanca and her husband Arturo refuse to apply chemicals to the land.

Our other new coffee is La Naranja from Peru. It originates from 3 small farms in the northern Andes region of Cajamarca, Peru – careful farming methods are used to encourage the quality and yield of the crops. This coffee is from c1800 meters and has taste notes of green apple, raisin, and clove.

At Artistry Coffee we offer multi-buy discounts when you purchase more than one bag, and we reduce the prices on older roasts too.

We have coffee beans – or ground coffee – available.

Currently there are single-origin coffees from Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. As well as our regular Aylesbury Blend.

The story of the Redemption Roasters project underpins all our coffees.

Artistry Coffee Origins

Originating Countries for current Artistry Coffee Beans

Our Fiallos coffee from Honduras has the story of a man who gradually saved enough money to buy a small parcel of land to grow coffee, and has managed to add other parcels of land to eventually create a viable buisness. He now also advises and assists other coffee producers. With each bag of Fiallos coffee, 50p goes to the Honduran Relief fund helping with the aftermath of the Nov 2020 storms.

Another coffee is Altos De Saraguallas from Ecuador – which is produced by a collective of smallholders in the Loja region of Ecuador.  See if you detect the taste notes of Glace Cherries, Cantaloupe, Lemon Drops.

Our coffee pricing offers multi-buy discounts when you purchase more than one bag, and we discount older roasts. So if we have some spare bags from a previous roast you can choose to buy the most recent roast, or a previous roast at a discount.

We have coffee beans – or ground coffee bags – available.

The story of the Redemption Roasters project underpins all our coffees.

Add some new style to your coffee making:

StoveTop Coffee Makers at Artistry Coffee

We’re learning more about stovetop coffee making – it’s a favourite of some,but not a method that we’ve previously spent a lot of time on ourselves. However, some of the new stovetop makers we’ve found add colour and vibrancy to the kitchen, so we’re embracing the technique at home now too!

We have a great range of stovetops – with the lovely Bialetti Fiammetta and Venus stovetops for 2 or 3 cups, and the classic style Pezzetti 6 cup makers. Plus there’s the classy Berghoff Studio Stovetop too.

They give a different flavour quality to the coffee – so are worth trying out.

See the range at and add some colour and style to your coffee making.

Your coffee making style can change and develop – and we’re always on the lookout for interesting products to help you craft delicious coffee at home with artistry! Our range includes milk thermometers, insulated brewers and servers, attractive mugs and flasks. We always have a changing range of hand coffee grinders and essential coffee filter papers too – as well as AeroPress inspired T-shirts, and some coffee-style socks!

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