Add some new style to your coffee making:

We’re learning more about stovetop coffee making – it’s a favourite of some,but not a method that we’ve previously spent a lot of time on ourselves. However, some of the new stovetop makers we’ve found add colour and vibrancy to the kitchen, so we’re embracing the technique at home now too!

We have a great range of stovetops – with the lovely Bialetti Fiammetta and Venus stovetops for 2 or 3 cups, and the classic style Pezzetti 6 cup makers. Plus there’s the classy Berghoff Studio Stovetop too.

They give a different flavour quality to the coffee – so are worth trying out.

See the range at and add some colour and style to your coffee making.

Your coffee making style can change and develop – and we’re always on the lookout for interesting products to help you craft delicious coffee at home with artistry! Our range includes milk thermometers, insulated brewers and servers, attractive mugs and flasks. We always have a changing range of hand coffee grinders and essential coffee filter papers too – as well as AeroPress inspired T-shirts, and some coffee-style socks!

Visit to see the latest!

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