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What describes your Valentine ?

Everyone's different, so it's important to think what sums up your valentine....
Do any of the following match your Valentine? If so they may be the perfect gift......
Demonstrate what a thoughful and special Valentine you are!
Coffee making can be great fun as well as delivering that caffeine hit! Learn about coffee together, or match to your existing tastes...

What describes your Valentine ?

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Strong and Good Under Pressure

The AreoPress is an amazing coffee maker:
Good strong espresso style coffee, made with a pressure push on the simple device.
Straightforward and innovative.
Use as the starting point for all espresso based drinks: e.g Americanos, Cappuccinos, etc

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V60 Ceramic Dripper

Delicate and Special

The V60 produces a more delicate flavour:
Take time over coffee making with the PourOver Drip Filter method using the V60.
Allow the coffee to work with you as you anticipate the result.

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The Clever Dripper

Clever and Efficient

The Clever Dripper will make coffee with ingenuity.
Quick preparation with filter and ground coffee, then let it brew for 3 minutes.
Coffee made with the immersion method, producing good full flavour.
The innovative valve system serves straight into a mug: coffee efficiently!

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Koziol To Go maker with Insulated Mug

Stays Warm

The Unplugged Coffee Maker is ideal to make coffee when you need to be on the go.
An attractive drip filter design works with the insulated mug to produce really good coffee to enjoy as you head off to your destination.

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Neo Plunger Cafetiere

Takes the Plunge

Let it brew then take the plunge. Make coffee by letting the coffee grounds mix with the water for a couple of minutes, then stir and finish the job. A stylish cafetiere - to make coffee the classic french press way.

Reimagined Artistry Coffee Gift Kits
Brixton Pottery Grapes & lacey Mugs

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which style would suit your Valentine?

Ground Coffee
*ARTISTRY COFFEE's Valentine Gift Ideas:
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