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Artistry Coffee: Improve your experience of coffee:

Artistry(R) is a result of a little learning and a lot of coffee! There's so much to know about coffee and we don't think we can yet be described as coffee geeks - but we can share some of what we know and have found out.
Artistry Coffee has a great range of products to help you hand-craft delicious coffee at home: from the bean to the cup, but without bulky or crazily expensive machines.
We've found some brilliant ways of enjoying coffee by grinding the beans ourselves, by learning the pour-over or drip-filter methods which are great for giving a delicate flavour. There's also some amazing ways of making espresso - such as the AeroPress which is so quick and simple to use. Look around and find great coffee gear, gizmos, grinders, mugs and of course the beans: ethically sourced socially responsible coffee by Redemption Roasters.

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