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Improve your coffee knowledge: what matters?


Order coffee beans, perhaps try something new.

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Start with ethically sourced roasted beans!

Kingdom Coffee Ethical Sourcing

Artistry's coffee is ethically selected by Kingdom Coffee to ensure that there is reinvestment back into the communities of the coffee growing regions.

Kingdom Coffee support social projects through charitable partners Tearfund, Toybox and Latin Link.

This ethical sourcing ensures that it is not just the coffee producers who are benefitting but the wider community.

Kingdom Coffee

Learn more about hand-crafting awesome coffee....

Perhaps start with one thing:
- one grind does not fit all......

The different ways of making coffee are best served by different fineness of grinding.
So cafetiere coffee requires the coarsest grind, drip-filter coffee a little finer, and espresso a very fine grind.

This is all to do with the other parts of the process, and in simple terms seems to be about how long the coffee is in contact with the water for. So in in a cafetiere the coffee sits around in the water for about 3 minutes ideally before being served into cups.

With pour-over, the timing is still around the 3 minute mark, but the water is dripping through (albeit slowly) so the water stays in contact with the grinds for less time overall. For espresso, the water is pushed through at a higher pressure, but in only around 25 seconds - so the coffee does need to be very finely ground in order to get the flavour out.

Grinding your own coffee is quite quite a pleasurable thing to do when you're making yourself a cup of coffee. There's something about the release of the aroma of the coffee as the beans are being ground that adds to the whole enjoyment of the process.

If you're making coffee just for one the grinding only takes a matter of seconds - you can experiment with different settings to get the grind just right right for what you like and the way you're making your coffee.

Grinding fresh for every cup also means you're giving yourself the best chance of fresh coffee, as the natural characteristics of the coffee are staying within in the beans for longer.
Air is an enemy of coffee, so coffee is better bought as recently roasted beans and ground as required straight from the beans. All you then need to know is how many beans to put into the grinder, and how to adjust the grind.

All of the coffee grinders available at Artistry Coffee have adjustable burrs (the bits that do the grinding) so you can grind coffee appropriately for each method of coffee-making you're into (from course ground for cafetiere coffee to very finely ground for espresso).

See the Artistry Coffee range of grinders here.


Get the satisfaction of grinding your own coffee beans.

This guide does not replace any manufacturers instructions - please make sure you familiarise yourself with the manufacturers instructions before using.

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