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Shop for a range of coffee kits & gifts with a special flavour!

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ARTISTRY COFFEE's range is great for presents!

Here's a sample of some of our top products - click on any product image below for more details of the product.

Find out about the AeroPress coffee maker, investigate pour-over coffee, and our range of handbrew coffee equipment,
or select some elegant serve ware.
Also some of these products are able to be used for Cold Brew coffee - see our 'The Coolers' section for more

Reimagined Artistry Coffee Gift Kits
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Craft Delicious Coffee at Home!

The nation is rediscovering coffee: realising that there's a better coffee experience available.

Hand crafted coffee can bring a whole new experience of coffee, improving your coffee-making capabilities at home.
It's easy too - fun to learn, satisfying, and doesn't need to be expensive.

And coffee bought from Artistry is Coffee with a Conscience! - using Kingdom Coffee's ethical sourcing: at a fair price and with additional investment into communities around the growing regions.

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Hand-Crafted at Home!

Buy a coffee kit from Artistry Coffee today and get everything you need to take coffee from the bean to the cup, without spending a fortune.
Or purchase a kit as a gift for one of those difficult to buy for people: it's something different!

Coffee With A Conscience!
Electrical and Coffee Pod Supplies

Electric Coffee Making Equipment and Coffee Pods too....

Buy Coffee with Artistry

The selection of blends available from Artistry Coffee.

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A Selection for the USA.

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Craft Delicious Coffee at Home !