A Clever way to make coffee

One of our favourite coffee making devices for many years has been the Clever Dripper from Taiwan.It utilises paper filters which make the device easier to use and helps deliver a clean taste.If you want to label the coffee making method then Immersion Brew would sum it up best. After placing your filter coffee paper in the device (and rinsing it through with hot water to be purist about coffee making) you add appx 30g of reasonably coursely ground coffee and about 500ml of hot water.Then, after stirring together, you place the lid over the device and let the grounds immerse in the water. For 3 to 4 minutes the coffee grounds brew, gradually transferring their characteristics.Once brewed, you can place the Clever Dripper onto your coffee mug and the instant release valve will fill the mug with coffee in a few seconds. Then place on another mug and fill that too.The valve will automatically shut off once lifted from a mug, making this really easy to use.Cleaning is easy too – with a simple rinse through all that is really required after you have lifted the used coffee grounds out in their filter paper. Then you can dispose
of into compost or even use the grounds specifically to tend to acid loving plants.Now the Clever Dripper is available in Blue in the standard large size. It is also available in Red in a smaller (one cup) size.
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Clever Dripper showing new colours!

Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is a great coffee maker using an immersion brew method (a bit like the method used by a French Press or Cafetiere). You’re in control of how long you let your coffee brew for, and when you’re ready you place the vessel ontop of a cup and the Clever valve underneath releases the brewed coffee directly into your waiting mug!

The Clever Dripper uses filter paper to give you a clean brew and makes it easy to clean and dispose of your used grounds into compost or for the acid loving plants in the garden.
The Clever Dripper has been around for a while now, but what’s new is the solid blue colour for the 2 cup device, or the solid red colour for the 1 cup version.

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