New coffee from Timor Leste and returning coffee from Nicaragua

Our coffee delivery has arrived, so we have some new beans to try.

It’s a year since we’ve had the El Diablo beans from Nicaragua – from the steep slopes of the Cerro Datanli El Diablo nature reserve. High quality coffee is grown in a rich biodiverse area by 10 smallholder producers. The taste notes are an appealing combination with fudge, orange chocolate and almond – and the aroma is enticing from the moment you open the bag. This one is best suited to espresso.

A new one to us – both as a country of origin and the bean itself is Raimutin Honey from the former East Timor – now known as Timore Leste (north of Australia and south of Indonesia in southern Asia). With taste notes including cashew, dark chocolate and nutmeg, these beans are best suited to filter.

Do take a look at our website at with the wider range of beans – and there are discounts for multi-buy purchases – which include some blends and ground coffee too.


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